Insurance Advice for Newlyweds

Insurance Information for Newlyweds in San Diego, CA

Preparing for your wedding day is never easy, but many newlyweds underestimate the time that they will spend uniting their lives once they say their “I do’s”. After you are pronounced husband and wife, you will need to rethink your San Diego insurance coverage and the policies that you carry. From auto insurance to health insurance in San Diego, here are some considerations to keep in mind once the honeymoon is over:

  • Combining Auto Insurance Can Save You Money

    Now that you’re married, it is time to consider adding each other’s names to your vehicle registrations so that you can combine your auto insurance. You may have to do some research to decide whose policy to keep and whose to ditch, but generally the policyholder who has had their policy the longest will have the best loyalty discount. Click here for an instant auto insurance quote and see what the rates will be to combine your insurance, and take advantage of multi-car discounts.

  • Now May Be the Time for Renters Insurance

    Not all newlyweds are ready to buy a home as soon as they tie the knot. Just because you and your spouse are renting does not mean that you do not need property insurance in San Diego. Renter’s insurance will cover all of those valuable wedding gifts you received from friends and family, along with your furniture and your liability. Not only does it give you peace of mind, it may also provide you with an auto discount.

  • Consolidating Your Health Insurance

    Health insurance in San Diego can be very expensive, but some employers offer better group options than others. Review your health plan and your spouse’s and decide which one offers the best cover at the best price. When you get married, you have a limited time to enroll your spouse to your plan or cancel your coverage to prevent duplication.

These are just some of the considerations you should keep in mind. You have a lot to handle after the excitement of marriage wears off, but do not forget about insurance. Shop around, start consolidating, and get all of the discounts that you deserve for being a newlywed.