Motorcycle Tips: Staying Visible on the Road

Motorcycle Insurance in San Diego, CA

Drivers that are involved in accidents with motorcycles often admit that they were unable to see the rider until the moment of the crash. To ensure the safety of riders, American Tri-Star Insurance, a trusted San Diego motorcycle insurance agency, wanted to share a few tips for how to stay visible on the road.

Wear Reflective Safety Gear

Although all riders should wear appropriate safety gear, picking gear light in color can help to increase visibility to others on the road. Along with high-res vests which are popular among riders, there are pants and jackets that have been treated with a reflective finish, allowing light to bounce off the surface, making you easier to spot. Some types of reflective finishes are only visible at night, adding style to safety gear.

If you would prefer not to invest in reflective safety gear, reflective tape can be adhered to your helmet and on saddlebags, which will also help to increase visibility at night.

Consider Installing Extra Lights

According to studies, when a motorcycle has two lights spaced apart, it can be easier for other vehicles to estimate the speed of the bike as the lights help to increase depth perception. As a result, riders may want to consider installing additional lights on their motorcycles to help oncoming traffic estimate their speed, while also making their bike more visible.

Attend Riding Classes

For many new riders, skill building is a primary focus. To help build skills, opt for a few riding classes to learn more about handling your bike. Some experts even recommend taking a dirt bike course to help increase street skills. You can also ride with your veteran friends for tips and to see how they react in live traffic situations.

Respect Your Bike

As much fun as it is to zip through traffic and enjoy the beautiful weather of San Diego, it’s always important to remember the basics. Stay out of blind spots, and always remember that if you can’t see the driver or their mirror, they likely can’t see you either. Also, always keep a buffer zone for yourself in case you need to make a quick lane change or exit. Respect your bike or it will teach you a lesson.

If you’re new to riding and are also interested in learning more about your insurance coverage options, call an experienced professional agent from American Tri-Star Insurance. We’re proud to offer some of the lowest rates for motorcycle insurance in San Diego, CA and are always available to answer you questions. Call 619-272-2100 today for a free, instant quote!