What Do Bicyclists Need to Know About Insurance?

Things Bicyclists Need to Know About Insurance in San Diego, CA

Did you know that about 11 percent of all bike accidents will involve a vehicle? While this number may seem low to some, there are still a great deal of bicyclists who are injured as riders, especially when riding near intersections.

As a trusted and affordable auto insurance agency in San Diego, we know that learning the rules of the road and how to recognize the hazards that can exist near intersections – and away from them – is important to minimize the risk of bicycle collisions. It can also be beneficial for bicyclists and automobile drivers to understand the legalities of such accidents and who may be liable when a car and a bike collide. Read on, and find out when bicyclists may be deemed at fault for a bike and car collision.

Bicycles Are Defined as Vehicles

If you read your driver’s handbook, you will see that bicycles are classified as vehicles. This means that bicyclists are expected to obey all of the regular traffic laws and they must ride with traffic at all times. If you are cycling against traffic, you will automatically be deemed at fault for a loss because you are breaking the law. Cyclists are required to ride with traffic for their own safety so they are less susceptible to having an accident.

Who is At-Fault for the Loss?

Just because a collision poses more risk of injury for the cyclist does not mean that the operator of the vehicle is automatically found to be at-fault for accidents involving a bike. As a cyclist, you must know the rules of the road. If you break the right-of-way rules where there are and are not traffic signals present, you may be legally found liable for a collision at an intersection. Cyclists may also be liable when they fail to stop at a stop sign, fail to yield, or fail to maximize their visibility.

The best way to cycle safely is to keep a proper lookout and to avoid safety hazards. By knowing the rules of the road, you can make the smartest decision behind your handlebars. If you violate the rules, you might very well be found at-fault for a collision.

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