Driver’s Licenses Soon to be Granted to Illegal Immigrants

California Legislature passed a bill on Thursday that would allow illegal immigrants in California to obtain a driver’s license, a particularly topic of debate here in San Diego. Governor Jerry Brown has already announced that he will sign the bill into effect when it makes its way to his desk.

This means that California would join the handful of other states implementing this type of ground-breaking immigration reform. The bill was almost pushed to the back of the line when politicians could not agree on how this license would differentiate from the licenses of U.S. citizens. The end result is that these licenses will have special markings on the front to distinguish them from traditional licenses. Some immigration rights groups are worried that this could potentially lead to racial profiling but most are in agreement that this is a step in the right direction, even if it’s not perfect.

Those living or commuting to San Diego that wish to take advantage of this new law when it is passed in the near future will need to follow a few steps to obtain their license:

  1. Contact your local DMV to set up an appointment
  2. At the appointment you will need to provide a federal individual taxpayer identification number and one other form of ID, like a birth certificate. (A social security number will not be required).
  3. Pass a written and driving test
  4. Obtain car insurance in San Diego, CA

No longer will immigrants have to fear getting ticketed when driving to work, having their car getting impounded or even getting deported. Many also claim it will make our roads safer because all licensed drivers will have undergone a driver’s test.

It’s important to remember that every driver needs to have valid car insurance in San Diego along with their license.

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