4 Effective Methods to Stop Someone from Drinking and Driving

What To Do To Prevent Drinking and Driving in San Diego, CA

In August 2015, a study by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed 4.2 million people admit to driving drunk. To avoid someone you care about getting hurt or hurting someone else in an accident, the insurance experts at Tri-Star Insurance suggest a few ways to prevent drivers from getting behind the wheel while intoxicated.

1. Choose a Designated Driver Before Going Out

Many people think they can handle one or two drinks. However, even one drink can still impair a driver’s abilities, including hand-eye coordination and cognitive skills. Always choose one person in your group who will be the designated driver and not have a drop of alcohol.

2. Make Sure the Intoxicated Driver Has a Way to Get Home

Talk to the inebriated person calmly and explain you don’t want him or her to drive because he or she could get hurt. Suggest an alternative way to get home like a taxi, Uber, Lyft, or even driving the person yourself. Furthermore, make sure you explain you can help the driver get back to his or her car the next day. This may provide him or her with the necessary reassurance to make the safer choice.

3. Suggest Staying the Night Somewhere Close By

If both you and the other driver are too intoxicated, suggest staying at a nearby hotel or a friend’s home within walking distance if no other option is available. In some cases, you might even want to book a hotel room early rather than wait to see if you cannot drive home.

4. Take the Keys Away

This should be a last resort, as an intoxicated driver may become angry or lash out. In some cases the driver may refuse to hand over his or her keys, which is when law enforcement may need to be contacted. This method may also be effective if you’re throwing a party. Make sure you designate someone to hand out keys, or not hand them out, appropriately.

Though an intoxicated driver may seem angry with you at the time, hopefully he or she will realize you ultimately made the decision to keep him or her safe. It’s important both you and those you drink with have affordable DUI insurance in San Diego in the event drunk driving does occur and the driver is convicted of a DUI.

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