5 Things You Can Do to Spruce Up Your Home This Spring

5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Home in Springtime in San Diego, CA

For many San Diego homeowners, spring is an inspiring season that calls for more than just spring cleaning. Getting a home ready for warmer days ahead means making it appear fresh and inviting. In Southern California, spring is accentuated by blooming flora, mating songbirds, and the best climate in North America. Here are five household recommendations to make the most out of this crisp and colorful season, brought to you by the San Diego homeowners insurance experts at American Tri-Star.

1. Plant Edibles for a Summer Harvest

Springtime is an excellent opportunity to plant various kinds of peppers, tomatoes, and zucchini, which will thrive in the mild weather and be ready for harvesting in the summer. Don’t worry if weather conditions turn too hot during the spring. Peppers and zucchini can handle 100 degree temperatures with ease. In the case of tomatoes, you may want to plant them in a spot where they will get shade a few hours a day. This does not apply to cherry tomatoes since they are very resilient.

2. Make Your Foyer a Welcoming Space

A colorful rug, a few indoor plants such as ferns and eucalyptus, some vinyl flowers in a vase, and a decorative mirror are some of the basic elements you can add to your foyer during the spring. To make it even more attractive, hang a framed landscape photograph of blooming trees.

3. Decorate with the Colors of Spring

The seasonal colors of California for the spring include orange, purple, yellow, pink, and green. You do not have to replace your furniture to bring spring colors into your home. Instead, start with curtains and drapes and continue with pillows and cushions. This might also be a good time to paint an accent wall and decorate it with an abstract painting featuring the aforementioned colors. You can also hang a framed landscape photo of a field of wildflowers. The bedroom is even easier since you can shop around for colorful bedding with floral prints or bright patterns.

4. Add a Touch of Aromatherapy

Citrus scents are perfect for springtime since they can be mixed with spearmint, eucalyptus, tea tree, and citronella. If you wish to go the therapeutic route, invest in a diffuser for essential oils. Otherwise, the more affordable aromatic oils can be mixed with water for spritzing or burned in a decorative container.

5. Fill Your Home and Garden with California Flowers

The state flower blooms in pretty orange tones during the spring, which means you will find plenty of California poppies at nurseries and flower shops. You can transplant poppies with confidence in late March, and they should last through the fall. To keep California poppies indoors, you need to carry the planter outside every other day and leave it out in the sun a few hours. The Desert Mallow is another pretty flower that is ideal for transplanting in the spring. Do not irrigate your poppies or mallows with sprinklers. You should water them at the root.

This spring, consider reevaluating your home insurance. American Tri-Star provides reliable homeowners coverage as well as auto, health, and commercial insurance. San Diego, CA, residents can call 619-272-2100 for a free quote.