5 Safety Tips for Sharing the Road with Cyclists

Sharing the Road In San Diego, CA

Most drivers have their hands full simply watching out for pedestrians and other moving cars. However, one inescapable part of operating a vehicle is sharing the road with bicyclists. Bike riders are part of a vast and ever-expanding community of people who regularly use this alternative form of transportation to get to and from their destinations. Every motorist should know how to safely and comfortably share the road with cyclists, and the National City cheap car insurance experts at American Tri-Star have a few tips to help you accomplish this task.

1. Avoid Quick Turns

Use caution when turning your vehicle. Bike riders ride on the far right side of the road and, although you may have the right of way to make a quick right-hand turn, you have to be mindful of the fact there may be a bicyclist just outside your field of vision. Slow down and check for bike riders before taking any action. Also, always give bikes time to pass after the light turns green before completing a turn.

2. Don’t Pass Until You Can Do So Safely

Never pass a bike rider whenever there’s even a slim chance your car might graze or knock him or her off balance. Though you might be in a hurry to complete your commute, moving too quickly and using bad judgment could cause more problems in the long run. Also, slow down when passing. This way, if a collision does occur, both the impact and the resulting injuries may be minimized.

3. Don’t Drive in Bike Lanes

Keep bike lanes free and clear for the people who need them. Don’t drive or pull over into these lanes. Obstructing safe passage for bike riders, even if you only do so for a matter of seconds, can result in serious injuries. You should also avoid parking in these areas, even if you are only stopping to run a quick errand or use your phone.

4. Never Assume All Bike Riders Are Proficient

There’s a very common and dangerous misconception that all bike riders on public roads are skillful riders. Even the best bicyclists can encounter obstacles and surprises throughout their journeys that throw them for a loop. Be mindful of the fact that these individuals can unexpectedly fall, collide with stationary objects, and brake suddenly. Understanding these risks, try to limit your speed when operating your vehicle around cyclists, and always be prepared to take quick evasive action if necessary.

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