A Simple Guide for Selling Your Motorcycle

How to Sell a Motorcycle in San Diego, CA

A motorcycle is often an impulse purchase, but if you’re trying to sell your bike, don’t expect potential buyers to show up without doing some research. If you want to get top value for your investment, there are a few things you should do to ensure the sale goes smoothly. Vista motorbike insurance experts are here to help guide you through this process.

1.Know Your Bike

If a buyer shows up knowing more about the make and model than you do, you won’t be able to hold your own at the negotiating table. Spend some time learning all about the pros and cons of your bike. Use online vehicle valuation sites to determine a fair sales price based on the current condition of your motorcycle and visit the manufacturer’s website to see if any recalls have been made. Prudent buyers will be using these same tools to generate their offers.

2. Get a Professional Tune-Up

Have your bike tuned up before you list it. In fact, you may even want to take it to a trim shop or a detailer to upgrade its appearance. A recent tune-up shows up on the history report for your motorcycle and detail work gives buyers less room to knock your listing price lower.

3.Print the Vehicle History Report

If you aren’t the first owner of your bike, find out where it’s been and how well it’s been maintained. You can offer to share your copy of this report with prospective buyers, but some people prefer to get their own reports. Having your report on hand and offering to share it shows your willingness to remain transparent and may foster trust.

4.Think About Selling Extras Separately

You might have spent a lot of money customizing your bike and are hoping to recoup these additional investments when selling it. The important thing to remember about customization is that it makes your motorcycle better suited to your personal needs and preferences. However, many buyers may want to customize their purchases based on their own tastes. If your listings aren’t generating enough attention, think about selling the extras separately and dropping the price of the bike.

5.Create a Comprehensive Listing

When listing your motorcycle, make sure to upload plenty of full color photos that show the bike from all angles. Mention your maintenance schedule for the bike and any upgrades you’re willing to offer as part of the purchase. The more detailed your listing is and the more visuals you make available, the easier it will be to capture the attention of qualified buyers.

If you’re selling your motorcycle because you want to upgrade to a different type of bike, make sure you have reliable insurance to keep you covered when riding. American Tri-Star is a leading provider of affordable motorcycle insurance, and we also offer homeowners, commercial, RV, and car insurance Vista residents trust. Give us a call today at 760-758-1600 and one of our friendly agents would be happy to put together a free quote.