Helping Drivers Save on Their Driving Expenses

Helping People Save on Auto Expenses in San Diego, CA

Looking to save money this year?  While there are plenty of ways to budget and change your lifestyle, a few simple changes to your car and your San Diego car insurance policy could help you save hundreds on your driving expenses each year.

One of the most costly aspects of owning a car is paying for gas.  Drivers who look into their options may be able to find ways to receive discounts or other rewards from gas purchases.  For example, grocery store chains throughout the nation offer discounts on gas if you enroll in their free rewards program.  Also, consult with your credit card agency and see if they offer cash back on gas purchases.

For drivers looking to save on driving expenses, it is also important to stay updated with the maintenance needs of your car.  Read your owner’s manual to find out what maintenance is recommended for your specific car and when.  By following the suggested schedule, you will be able to avoid paying for service that is unnecessary.  Certain cars also require maintenance checks at significant mileage such as 90,000 miles.  Be sure to take your car in on time to avoid the need to pay for repairs that could have been addressed at your check in.

A final way to save is on your car insurance.  By state law in California, you are required to purchase car insurance.  However, you do have choice of your insurer as well as the specific type of coverage.  At American Tri-Star Insurance, we have a variety of plans to choose from.  We are also happy to help those who have traffic violations, poor driving records or foreign licenses obtain auto insurance policies.

Contact one of our insurance experts for a free car insurance quote or call us directly at 619-272-2100 and begin saving today.