4 Tips to Reduce Workers’ Comp Risks in a Warehouse

How to Minimize Workers' Compensation Risks in San Diego, CA

There’s no question working in a manufacturing warehouse comes with a variety of potential dangers. The challenge is keeping injuries and San Diego workers’ compensation insurance costs to a minimum. Here are 4 ways you as a business owner or warehouse manager can limit the risks and costs to your organization.

1. Train Employees in Forklift Operation

Most warehouses rely on forklifts to handle the lifting of heavy items like loaded pallets. Though forklift accidents don’t occur frequently, the risk of serious injury and even death can still be high if employees aren’t taking the right precautions. Make sure everyone who operates a forklift has been trained in operation, loading, and using seat belts and overhead protective structures.

2. Increase Safety Near Loading Docks

Hundreds of people are injured each year while working on or near loading docks, and strict safety measures should be observed, including using paint or tape to designate staging areas and loading lanes. Forklifts used to load and unload trailers should be equipped with spotlights, and dock lights should be installed to supplement forklift lights. Moreover, limit the height of stacked materials in staging areas.

3. Ensure Safe Use of Conveyors

A conveyor is a common warehouse tool, and injuries can easily occur when a worker is cleaning one of these machine or removing debris from it. Educate your employees on the dangers of wearing loose-fitting clothing and jewelry around conveyors.

4. Focus on Ergonomics

Perhaps the simplest way to limit workers comp risks in a warehouse is to minimize the amount of bending and reaching employees have to do. Fast-moving products that need to be transferred to a pallet should be located between knuckle and shoulder height to eliminate bending and back strain.

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