Tips for Preventing Carjacking and Theft

Car Safety Tips

Although carjacking and theft aren’t extremely common in San Diego, drivers should know basic precautions to protect themselves should they ever be in a dangerous situation. American Tri-Star, a trusted San Diego auto insurance agency, shares tips drivers can use to ensure safety on the road.

  • Always lock your vehicle

    Whether you’re driving down the street or parked in a public parking structure, remember to keep your doors locked at all times. This can provide an added level of protection and can prevent a carjacker or thief from entering your vehicle.

  • Shut your windows and sunroof

     Leaving your windows open a crack encourages thieves to break in and gives them just enough space to access your vehicle. Not only is your vehicle at risk, but so are any belongings you may have left in your car.

  • Install GPS technology

    If your car is ever stolen, a GPS or vehicle-tracking device will be instrumental in locating and recovering your car. Some insurance agencies may even offer lower San Diego auto insurance rates if you install such devices. If you drive a newer vehicle, it may already be equipped with GPS technology so browse through your manual and find out how it could help if your car was to be stolen.

  • Never hide a spare key in your car

    You may have locked yourself out of your car more times than you’d like to admit, but hiding a spare key in your car leaves your vehicle at higher risk for theft. Thieves know all the good hiding spots! Also, always take your car keys with you when you leave your vehicle, even if it’s only for a few minutes. According to industry reports, 13% of cars are stolen with their keys inside.

  • Use caution during car accidents

    Recently, there have been increased reports of individuals causing minor fender-benders with the intent of robbing the driver. If you’re in a car accident, be aware of where you’re pulling over to inspect the damage. If possible, pull over to a public area that is secure and well lit.

If your car is ever stolen, alert the police immediately and file a claim. If you’re concerned about your vehicle’s safety and are looking for ways to protect it, call (619) 325-0326 or click here for a free auto insurance quote and find out how American Tri-Star can provide you with the coverage you need at a price that your wallet will love.