7 Tips for Maximizing Space If You Live in a Small House

Ways to Maximize Space in a Small Home in San Diego CA

Small can be beautiful, as long as it is not cluttered. The trend of moving into smaller homes was rediscovered by many families who moved away from the suburbs and into urban centers after the massive real estate downturn of 2008. However, the small home lifestyle has been prevalent in Europe and Japan for quite a few decades. Remodeling is rarely necessary when it comes to maximizing space. It is more effective to follow the recommendations listed herein, brought to you by the staff at American Tri-Star, a leading provider of homeowners insurance in San Diego.

1. Create Visual Space

Open floor plans always appear larger than partitioned spaces, which is something house hunters should look for when evaluating real estate listings. Natural light, mirrors, and walls that are painted white make open spaces look larger.

2. Adopt Minimalism

Minimalism is a lifestyle that has become very popular among modern Japanese families. In essence, minimalism is the art of achieving aesthetics and a good life by living with less. A good start would be reading Goodbye, Things by Fumio Sasaki, a man who followed the personal philosophy of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs for the purpose of reasonably reducing material possessions without falling into asceticism.

3. Try Vertical Storage

Floor-to-ceiling storage is an established strategy to make more room. The key is to choose shelving materials that match the décor of the room. When most people purchase household furnishings, they often visualize horizontal arrangements, which happens to be a quick way to run out of space. Think vertically instead.

4. Purchase Platform Beds

Children usually have no issues with bunk beds. Adults and couples can take advantage of queen-size platform beds that are slightly raised to provide a lot of storage underneath, with up to six drawers. Although platform beds can be paired with headboards and night tables, it is better to skip them to make more space.

5. Install Bathroom Shelving

Similar to vertical storage, the ceiling is the limit when it comes to installing shelves in the bathroom. To avoid a cluttered look on the shelves, items can be placed inside plastic boxes. Bathroom shelving is almost a necessity in homes where pedestal sinks are installed.

6. Buy Space-Saving Kitchen Appliances

From about 2000 to 2010, the size of refrigerators in the American household market somehow increased to 36 inches when most families can realistically get by with a modern fridge measuring 18 cubic inches. On the kitchen counter, microwave ovens take up the most room. Building a dedicated cabinet for this appliance should only cost a few hundred dollars and will create a lot of space.

7. Rent External Storage

Not everyone will be able to completely get rid of clutter from one day to the other. Families who need time to think about what they should do with belongings that will not fit in their small homes can always rent storage space. The goal should be to place as much as possible in this external space, which should be visited a couple of times a month with a resolution to sell, donate, or recycle.

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