Which Parts of a Motorhome Are Most Crucial to Maintain?

Mortorhome Maintanance in San Diego, CA

Maintenance is essential for keeping your motorhome in good shape, whether you use it for regular vacations or only take it on the road on rare occasions. The staff at American Tri-Star in San Diego has put together a list of some of the most important parts of a motorhome that require regular maintenance.


Even tires on motorhomes kept in storage for long periods can deteriorate. Because you’re carrying a substantial amount of weight in this type of vehicle, you’ll want to make sure your tires are always inflated properly. Always check for signs of wear before venturing out on a trip.

Valve Adjustments

Follow the recommended maintenance schedules for valve adjustments on diesels. Forgetting to service your valves can result in reduced performance or excessive noise. In some cases, it can even cause engine failure.


Getting regular tune-ups is highly encouraged. Wheel bearing maintenance is often overlooked, but accidents can be avoided by replacing lubricants periodically. Make sure you get your AC generators routinely serviced at the same time you replace air and fuel filters. Keep battery terminals snug and clean from corrosion, and make sure electrolyte levels are maintained on batteries with removable caps. Differential oil and power steering fluids should be replaced about every 5 years. Check transmission fluid levels and replace filters and fluids based on recommended maintenance schedules for your motorhome model.


Check the manufacturer’s specifications to determine replacement intervals for your motorhome’s coolants. Flushing, draining, and replacing coolants can help prevent corrosion and rust buildup in the cooling system and engine. Staying on top of this part of motorhome maintenance can help prevent water pump damage and overheating.


Over time, brake fluid can absorb moisture, which can corrode internal components like calipers, wheel cylinders, and master cylinders. In some instances, it may also lower the boiling point of brake fluid, which can cause total brake failure. Have your brake fluid changed and bleed the system every few years to increase the reliability of your hydraulic brakes.

Even a properly maintained motorhome can still become involved in an accident. Make sure you’re prepared with the right insurance to give you peace of mind when on the road. For a free quote on affordable RV insurance San Diego drivers trust, give us a call today at 619-272-2100. One of our agents would be happy to assist you.