5 Ways to Prevent a Repeat Offender from Driving Under the Influence

How to Prevent Someone from Getting Another DUI in San Diego, CA

Some of the unfortunate side effects of driving under the influence include an extreme loss of judgment and uncharacteristic stubbornness, both of which are difficult to manage without outside help. If you have a friend who never seems to learn to curb the drinking, even after multiple penalties from the law, National City cheap auto insurance experts suggest using these 5 tips to prevent him or her from repeating the mistake of driving under the influence.

1. Secure Safe Transportation

Whether you go out with a large group or just your one worrisome friend, the risk of a DUI can be avoided altogether. Use a taxi, bus, or even a designated driver for responsible transportation. The problem of getting everyone safely home can be resolved from the very start if you plan ahead.

2. Provide Water and Snacks

People commonly make the mistake of skipping meals and water when drinking, an oversight that heavily exacerbates the effects of intoxication. Metabolism varies from person to person, but in general even a small meal can make a world of difference. Offer plenty of water and a sobering meal when it seems your friend has had too much to drink.

3. Take the Keys

For the sake of your friend’s safety, take away the car keys if he or she is not fit to drive. If you have to hide the keys and pretend as though they are misplaced, the ruse may save a life.

4. Make a Bed

When you have guests over for a night of drinking, prepare a place for them to crash for a while and enjoy a safe night’s sleep before risking it behind the wheel. Many people may be unwilling to accept an alternate ride home, so be willing to offer an available couch or guest room.

5. Be Patient But Firm

While under the influence, impaired judgment can make people belligerently impatient, obstinate, and sometimes hostile. If your tone seems patronizing or deprecating, it can lead to an unsuccessful argument rather than a safe resolution. Be friendly, be patient, but do not take no for an answer.

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