Keeping Children Safe while Driving

Ensuring Childrens' Safety While Driving in San Diego, CA

When driving a motor vehicle, it is crucial that you always take necessary precautions to ensure your safety, as well as the safety of others on the road. However, safety becomes of even more importance when children are aboard the vehicle.

Are you a parent or a grandparent? Maybe your job requires you to drive kids to and from school or to sports and other events. Whatever the reason, it is important for drivers to be aware of the best practices for driving in San Diego with children as passengers. Read over the following safety tips from America Tri-Star Insurance:

Practice Safe Driving Habits

In order to keep young passengers safe, the driver must practice safe driving habits at all times. Not only do safe driving habits contribute to lower auto insurance rates, they reduce your risk for accidents and injury. Texting while driving and excessive speeding are dangerous maneuvers that put everyone’s life in jeopardy. Kids also tend to mimic the behavior of adults, so be sure to set a good example and always practice safe driving habits by buckling your seat-belt. And of course, make sure theirs are buckled too.

1. Choose an Appropriate Car Seat

Prior to purchasing a car seat for your child, be sure that the seat is the appropriate size. Once you have found a suitable seat, make certain that you read the installation instructions. An improperly installed car seat puts the child’s safety at risk. One of the most common mistakes that drivers make is buying an old car seat. Each car seat is only designed to last for a certain amount of years, so always check the expiration date beforehand. Contrary to popular opinion, inexpensive car seats are typically just as safe as some of the more upscale brands.

2. Kids Ride in the Back

The safest place for a child to ride is in the rear seat. Riding in the front seat makes them much more susceptible to being harmed during the event of a car crash. The impact of the airbag could cause major injuries to a small child.

3. Do not Leave Kids Alone in the Car

Even if you are just stepping out for a few minutes, never leave young children alone in the car. Children can get extremely sick, very quickly when left in the car, susceptible to heat stroke. On an average day with weather in the low 70s, the temperature in the car can increase 30 to 40 percent in a mere 30 minutes. To protect children from heat stroke symptoms which can include dizziness, disorientation, confusion and loss of consciousness, never leave kids alone in the car.

As a leading provider of affordable car insurance San Diego drivers trust, we’re always looking for ways to help our clients stay safe on the road. Plus, staying safe is only one of the many ways in which you can qualify for cheaper car insurance!

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