3 Ways to Keep a Car Cool in the Summertime

3 Ways to Keep Your Car Cool This Summer San Diego, CA

During the height of the San Diego summer, your car’s interior could reach dangerous temperatures. After just an hour in 70-degree weather, the inside of a car can reach 113 degrees. When parked in direct sunlight, the interior can reach up to 200 degrees. The San Diego car insurance experts at American Tri-Star want to share three easy ways to keep your car cool and comfortable this summer.

1. Block the Windows

A car traps heat and allows the interior temperature to skyrocket. By reducing the amount of heat or sunlight that enters the car through the windows, you can dramatically reduce the temperature of your car when you’re ready to drive.

There are a handful of ways to stop sunlight from entering the windows:

  • Park in the shade or covered parking – If you can’t find a fully shaded area to park, at least park so sunlight mostly hits the rear window instead of your windshield to keep your front seats and steering wheel cooler.
  • Crack the windows – This creates mild airflow to allow warm air in the car to escape.
  • Tint the windows – Adding a tint to your windows blocks the wavelengths that create heat. California has specific laws on window tinting. For example, aftermarket film must allow at least 88 percent of light in the front side windows.
  • Use sun shades – A sun shade reflects sunlight back out of a car to keep the temperature lower. Shades made from reflective bubble material are more effective than reflective foam.

2. Use Air Conditioning Effectively

Without using air conditioning or using it inefficiently, your car will take longer to cool off. The most effective way to cool off a car is turning on the air conditioner full blast as soon as you start the ignition. Lower your back windows for about 20 seconds to push the hot air out of your car while the cool air comes from the vents. Once the car is cool, use the recirculating setting to maintain the temperature in your car.

If the air coming from the vents doesn’t seem cool enough, the refrigerant may need to be recharged. Freon, the refrigerant used in a car’s air conditioning system, works to cool the air pumped through the system, but it will eventually run low, especially in hot climates where the AC system gets heavy use.

3. Keep Your Seats Cool

There’s nothing worse than getting off work and hopping in your car only to make contact with scorching hot seats. Cloth seats are the best option if you’re concerned with summer temperatures, as leather in the sun can get hot enough to burn. If your car has leather upholstery, consider adding a cloth seat cover or a cool gel pad to make the seat more comfortable on hot days.

If your vehicle is equipped with air conditioned seats, make use of them in the summer. These seats usually have fans inside the seat that circulate air through mesh to cool the surface of the seat. This air may or may not be refrigerated like the air that comes through the vents, but even unrefrigerated air works to cool the seat.

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