Information about Insuring Multiple Motorcycles

Man Riding Motorcycle in the Hills

If you are lucky enough to own more than one motorcycle, it is in your best interest to find the insurance policy that is designed to cover multiple bikes. Owning two bikes means that you need to schedule double the oil changes, pay twice the licensing fees and make room for two bikes rather than one in the garage. You might as well make paying for and servicing your insurance policy as easy as possible by purchasing a single insurance policy.

At American-Tri Star, we’re proud to provide motorcycle insurance San Diego riders trust, and wanted to share 3 things that you should know about insuring more than one bike at a time:

1. Not All Agencies Are Willing to Cover Multiple Motorcycles

Having multiple motorcycles may open your options up when you want to go for a ride, but it can limit your options when you are choosing an insurer. Some San Diego insurance agencies will limit the number of motorcycles that they will insure if they are owned by a single person. This can limit your ability to receive discounts and certainly makes buying insurance an inconvenient feat. Be sure to select a specialty insurer that offers multi-bike policies that work best for you.

2. Multi Motorcycle Policies are Designed to Benefit You

If you own several motorcycles, you can only drive a single bike at a time. A multi-bike plan takes this into account, and provides you with both liability coverage along with fire, theft and accidental damage coverage for the bikes that are sitting at home waiting for you.

3. Multi-Bike Policies are the Most Affordable Alternative

When you receive a quote for a multi-bike plan, the agency will base the policy premium on the riskiest bike that you own. This is typically the most valuable bike or the bike with the most powerful engine. You will then be charged a lower fixed rate for each additional bike, which will ultimately save you money.

It is important to compare insurance rates and coverage options when you have multiple bikes to insure. Ask your agent about claims-free discounts, mileage ratings, and any other discounts you may be eligible for. Compare standard policies and specialty policies, and be sure to see your options for bundling your multi-bike policy with a cheap San Diego auto insurance policy for even more savings.

For more information or to get an instant free quote for your motorcycles, contact American Tri-Star Insurance in San Diego at 619-272-2100 and speak with an insurance expert.