4 Easy Ways to Improve Your RV’s Fuel Economy

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Traveling in an RV offers comfort, convenience and the qualities of home. However, the amount of gas it takes to run an RV is sufficiently more than that of a smaller vehicle. Fortunately, there are several easy things road warriors can do to improve their RV’s fuel economy. Check out the following tips from the San Diego car insurance experts at American Tri-Star.

Keep Things Tuned and Running

Keeping up with basic RV maintenance can make a huge difference with fuel economy. If an engine is not properly taken care of, it can lower overall fuel economy from 10 to 20 percent. A poor emission or a damaged oxygen sensor can further cause a 40 percent reduction.

1. Slow It Down

Every five miles over 60 mph that a driver forces an RV to go bumps fuel costs up to 10 cents more per gallon. Forcing the car to accelerate quickly or going over 60 mph can reduce an RV’s fuel economy anywhere from five to 30 percent depending on the size, age and make and model of the vehicle.

2. Keep Things Light

Weighing an RV down with unnecessary items can put a lot of pressure on good gas mileage. RV’s are designed to hold a lot, but if it is not needed, do not bring it. Things such as tools, athletic equipment or cooking gear can all weigh an RV down to reduce fuel economy.

3. Choose Quality

When choosing oil, choose the high-quality option rather than opting for the cheap stuff. Basic oil works fine for a standard car, but an RV can benefit greatly from higher-quality products. Using a synthetic oil can easily improve fuel economy by two percent.

By making a few simple changes, individuals can obtain a better fuel economy with their RV and continue their traveling adventures worry free.

Of course, if you’re doing a lot of traveling, both in and out of state, it’s important to make sure that you’re RV is properly insured. Having the right RV insurance in San Diego can protect your vehicle and your passengers in the case of an accident or emergency situation. To learn how to get affordable insurance for your RV in San Diego, call 619-272-2100 and speak with an experienced agent from American Tri-Star Insurance. We’re here to help!