8 Ways to Acquire Clients for a New Business

8 Tips for Getting Clients for Your New Business in San Diego, CA

If you feel that starting a new business was an easy and straightforward process, you may not feel the same way about the customer acquisition process. As a new business owner, your priority should be to bring in as many customers as your company can handle, which will require the application of certain strategies. Here are eight recommendations you can follow to attract new customers, brought to you by the trusted San Diego commercial insurance providers at American Tri-Star.

1. Establish a Solid Social Media Presence

Your prospective customers are bound to be glued to social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, which means they will want to see a profile for your company on these channels. Younger prospects are more likely to use Snapchat and Instagram, while older customers gravitate toward Twitter and Facebook. If you operate in the business-to-business space, your customers are likely to be found on LinkedIn.

2. Focus on Local SEO

The Google Hawk search algorithm update has impacted local business listings. To this effect, the information on your Google My Business page should be accurate and optimized. Moreover, the geographical information on your website must include all areas served. For example, if you are located in La Jolla but deliver to Coronado and San Diego, your Google My Business profile should reflect this information.

3. Claim Your Company on Review Websites

If you operate a local business with a brick-and-mortar presence, your company will at some point end up on Yelp, TripAdvisor, or Google Reviews. Check these three sites from time to time and become familiar with the process of claiming and managing your listing.

4. Don’t Ignore Traditional Advertising

Advertising on radio, television, local newspapers, and billboards is still a very effective method for new customer acquisition. In the 21st century, quite a few companies have discovered that traditional and legacy media outlets deliver a better return on investment than online advertising and proximity marketing.

5. Do Some Casual Networking

When you interact with associates and professionals as you manage your business, make sure to communicate in a friendly and affable manner. If you left a good impression at your insurance agent’s office, staff members will remember you and may also recommend your new business on a casual basis to their clients.

6. Team Up with Other Business Owners

Not all business owners in your community will be your competitors. If you operate a food truck, you can partner with a local bar that has a limited kitchen.

7. Consider Promotional Merchandising

Pens, calendars, notepads, desk ornaments, USB drives, solar energy lamps, emergency smartphone chargers, t-shirts, and refrigerator magnets are just some of the items that can be emblazoned with your company logo and contact information. The way these promotional products work is very subtle but highly effective.

8. Organize Giveaways

If you are new to the retail goods sector, giving away freebies could quickly result in new customers. If you are a provider of services, you may have to offer discounts or promotional merchandise.

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