Steps You Can Take to Have a DUI Taken Off Your Record

Removing DUI off Your Record in San Diego, CA

A DUI conviction can cause a number of problems, including increasing the amount you pay for San Diego auto insurance. However, depending on the amount of time passed, you may be able to get your record sealed or expunged. Here are a few things you can or should do in this situation.

Focus on Extenuating Circumstances

Gather evidence showing there were extenuating circumstances leading to your conviction. You might mention you passed the Breathalyzer test but failed the field sobriety test or that you took prescription medications that interfered with the alcohol you drank the night you were arrested.

Maintain a Clean Driving Record

Those who get their records expunged are those who maintained clean driving and criminal records since their convictions. The court will want to see your record is free from any further DUI charges or other violations.

Hire an Attorney

You will need to hire an attorney before requesting the court remove a DUI offense from your record. A licensed attorney can help you determine whether you should seal or expunge your record and can also file all the proper paperwork and motions.

Request Your Records Be Sealed

If you maintain a clean driving record, you may request the court seal your record. This means potential employers will not know what you were convicted for or the type of charges you faced, and that the information will be unavailable for background checks and public records.

Expunge Your Record

Your attorney may determine expunging your record is the best thing for you. This often occurs when you need to pass a background check or drive a car for work. Your attorney will file a motion in the local courthouse and you will both attend the proceedings. Expunging your record means your conviction will never again appear on your record and that the court will remove all mentions of that conviction. This gives you a clean driving record again and may help you save on cheap auto insurance in San Diego.

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