Finding Reliable Auto Insurance on a Budget

How to Find Reliable Car Insurance on a Budget in San Diego, CA

With the ever increasing uncertainty of the economy, individuals are constantly in search of ways to save. One way to enjoy additional savings each month is by switching your auto insurance agency. Finding reliable auto insurance at an affordable price can provide you with significant monthly savings.

Many individuals overpay on their auto insurance, unaware they could be getting the same coverage and service at reduced prices. If you are looking to save more money while enjoying the same comprehensive coverage, it is time to switch insurance providers and look into the benefits of auto insurance from American Tri-Star in San Diego.

Before you go insurance hunting online, it is important to be aware of what type of coverage is legally mandated in your resident state. In the state of California, the minimum liability insurance requirements for personal vehicles include:

1.    $15,000 for  injury or death of an individual person
2.    $30,000 for injury or death to multiple persons
3.    $5,000 for property damage

With the legal auto insurance requirements in mind, you can move toward finding a San Diego auto insurance provider that offers such services at a reasonable price. Do not be fooled by big name insurance providers; often times a big name provider is only good in name, not coverage or price. At American TriStar, we provide budget-friendly and comprehensive auto insurance to individuals of all ages. We are more than just a name and provide complete auto coverage that holds up its own.

From car insurance after a DUI, RV and motorcycle insurance, and everything in between, American Tri-Star in San Diego provides knock-out coverage at a blow-out price. Our clients enjoy insurance plans with no hidden or additional monthly fees. We are a top tame in reliable auto insurance and provide affordable coverage no matter what your personal situation or prior driving record.  To learn more about our insurance plans, call us today at 619-272-2100.