How to Make a Work Environment Safer

Safe Work Environment Ideas in San Diego, CA

Employees come to work each day ready to get busy with the tasks at hand. Companies provide what they need to get the job done, whether it’s a new computer or extra training. However, it’s also important to focus on issues such as safety. The staff at American Tri-Star, a leading provider of commercial insurance in San Diego, has a few tips to share on creating a safe work environment for all.

Hold Drills and Install Alarms

Work areas need to be outfitted with all the proper alarms, including those for smoke and fires. Someone in the office or an outside expert should check the equipment often to make sure it works properly, and all employees need to be properly informed about safety in terms of fires and other emergencies. Everyone should participate in drills for fires and other events such as earthquakes, and they all should know where the emergency exits are.

Encourage Proper Lifting and Carrying

Many work environments are ones in which staff members frequently lift and carry heavy items and perform other physically strenuous tasks. It’s essential for employers to properly and adequately educate employees on the correct ways to carry, lift, and handle heavy objects. Otherwise they risk becoming injured, which could have a multitude of negative ramifications for employees and the company.

Require Appropriate and Adequate Attire

All employees need to wear the attire that properly protects their safety. Depending on the situation, this might include uniforms, hard hats, gloves, breathing masks, boots, knee pads, and other clothing items.

Set Up Ergonomically Correct Workstations

People who do physical work aren’t the only ones who need to take steps toward creating a safe work environment. Those who perform their jobs while sitting at a desk need to do the same. The computer, desk, and chair need to be at the correct height and angle, and workers should use the proper equipment for their needs. It can be helpful to bring in an ergonomics expert to consult with employees on the proper desk setup.

Use Positive Communication

Communication might not seem like it’s closely related to safety, but it’s just as important as other safety concerns. Create and maintain an atmosphere of open and positive communication among all staff members. Open communication can help you resolve conflicts before they start and prevent arguments and tense situations that could create safety issues and cause people to feel unsafe.

Post Signs and Reminders

Placing signs and notices in key spots can inform and remind employees about safety issues in the workplace. For example, signs that point to and label entrances and exits are an excellent idea. Signs that explain and illustrate how to lift heavy objects can give employees a quick reminder and refresher and reinforce the company’s commitment to safety and wellbeing.

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