Things You Need to Do When Closing Up Your Summer Home

Summer Home Safety Tips in San Diego, CA

As the lazy days of summer vacation draw to a close, there comes a realization it will soon be time to close up your summer home. While preparing your vacation home for the subsequent seasons, the staff at Tri-Star Insurance San Diego suggests checking items off this list to ensure nothing is overlooked once you leave.

Empty, Clean, and Disconnect Appliances

Avoid discovering unpleasant smells when you return to your summer home by getting rid of perishable items and cleaning the kitchen appliances. A few containers of baking soda can help keep things fresh in the fridge, and you should unplug the appliances so you’re not wasting electricity or leaving a potential fire hazard unattended.

Store Accessible Outdoor Amenities

Lawn chairs, grilling supplies, and any other outdoor items that might blow away or be taken during your absence should be stored in a secure area. Consider installing outdoor cameras so you can remotely monitor your summer home and make sure no unauthorized people are accessing your property.

Turn Off Water Connections

Don’t take the risk of discovering unexpected plumbing issues when you come back next summer. All water connections should be turned off at the source, including the washing machine if you have one. If your summer home is in an area where freezing occurs during the winter, leave the outdoor faucets open.

Take Inventory

In the event a break-in occurs during your time away from the home, make a list of the major items you’ll be leaving there. If you’re worried about certain valuables like electronics, take what you can back to your main home.

Enlist Help from Neighbors

Ask a year-round neighbor to occasionally check in on the place, and keep track of any extra keys you have handed out to trusted neighbors. If you give out keys to neighbors, consider changing the locks on a yearly basis.

If your summer home or your primary residence is in San Diego County, make sure your property and belongings are protected. Get in touch with American Tri-Star and we can help you select a home insurance policy that best suits your needs. In addition to homeowners insurance in San Diego, we also offer auto, commercial, health, and RV insurance. Give us a call today at 619-272-2100 and one of our knowledgeable agents would be happy to assist you and provide a complimentary quote.