The Dangers of Potholes and How to Avoid Them

Potholes in San Diego, CA

No one likes running over a pothole. They often come out of nowhere, and if you’re lucky all they do is give your car a jolt and you a quick scare. However, potholes can also cause flat tires and even collisions if a driver loses control after hitting one. The auto insurance experts at Tri-Star Insurance National City have a few tips for avoiding the dangers of potholes.

Keep a Safe Distance from Other Vehicles

You have two primary benefits by keeping your distance. First, you can avoid a chain collision should a pothole cause the car in front of you to stop or swerve. This tactic can be a challenge in major cities or traffic jams where many drivers are fighting for road space. You can also better gauge the condition of the road ahead of you when no other vehicles are obscuring it from your sight.

Reduce Your Speed

You may not always drive slowly on every trip, but you should slow down when you suspect poor road conditions. Take your time and avoid the potholes before returning to normal speeds. This step can be more challenging for some people than for others. Modern schedules leave many of us in a rush, and it’s easy to resist taking precautions.

Maintain Tire Pressure

Examine the condition of your tires regularly. You won’t be able to calculate the depth of every pothole you drive over, but you can double-check your tires to make sure they’re prepared for the jolt. A low tire pressure warning light may let you know if a repair or replacement is needed. Also, worn treads or exposed fibers are signs you should get some work done on your tires before you hit the road.

Use Caution with Puddles

Many drivers don’t realize potholes can be submerged beneath puddles. Some may even think driving in puddles is fun. However, doing this is too risky and could damage your vehicle or cause an accident. If you see a puddle, it’s safer to suspect it was created by water draining into an unseen pothole. Take caution when driving over it.

Make sure you have collision coverage in the event a pothole damages your vehicle. Contact American Tri-Star today to find the right option for your needs. In addition to car insurance, we also offer cheap National City motorcycle insurance as well as RV, homeowners, and commercial insurance. Give us a call today at 619-474-3900 and one of our experienced agents would be happy to provide a free quote.