Avoiding Home Insurance Claims During The Holidays

Why Avoid Home Insurance Claims During the Holidays in San Diego, CA

With massive meals to prepare, logs to burn, and guests to attend to, homeowners can take on a marked amount of risk throughout the holiday season. At this time of year, many San Diego home insurance agencies see a considerable spike in claims. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to prevent fires and other devastating events in your home while celebrating with family and friends.

Practicing Good Home Maintenance

Before a major influx of guests, make sure all home features are in top condition. Have your chimney cleaned and schedule a plumbing inspection. These efforts allow professionals to identify and resolve minor problems with these features before increased use causes them to worsen. Cleaning out your oven and replacing damaged burners and other stovetop components can additionally minimize the risk of fire and other cooking-related hazards.

Using Candles

Efforts to create a festive mood in the home can lead to some of the biggest fire hazards during the holiday season. Rather than burning votive, tea light, or other candles to create ambiance, take advantage of battery operated candles or dimmer switches instead. Homeowners who’ve worked hard to establish multilayer lighting plans can also play around with combinations of wall sconces, track lighting, and other lighting features to establish the desired look and feel.

Heating the House

Space heaters can be a huge fire risk, especially when these units are old and lack automatic safety shut off features. Homeowners should always keep these on level surfaces and should only use them in occupied rooms. This way, if older heaters tip, overheat, or otherwise malfunction, they can be quickly unplugged. Weatherstripping and other efforts to make existing home heating systems more efficient are far more preferable ways to help maintain a comfortable indoor environment for family members and guests.

Cooking a Holiday Turkey

Using a deep fryer to cook your holiday turkey may be risky. If you’ve never deep-fried your turkey before, diligently adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions for your new fryer, especially those pertaining to oil fill levels. Even if you’re roasting your bird in the oven, it is still important to have strategies in place for minimizing the risk of fire. For instance, make sure the roasting pan is deep enough to contain all of the resulting juices and that an audible timer is in place to prevent overcooking. More importantly, smoke detectors and fire alarms should be tested to ensure functionality before any holiday meals are started.

Make sure you take precautions to protect your house during the holidays and the rest of the year, including securing the right homeowners insurance. For information on affordable home insurance as well as commercial, health, motorcycle, and car insurance in San Diego, call the insurance experts at American Tri-Star at 619-272-2100. We hope to hear from you soon.