How Will a DUI Affect My Car Insurance Rates?

How A DUI Affects Car Insurance Rates in San Diego, CA

Auto insurance rates are directly related to risk, and drivers who have been convicted of a DUI are considered to pose a greater risk than those who do not have the serious moving violation. If you are interested in learning about how a DUI can affect your San Diego car insurance rates, it is important to acknowledge that your premiums will not change until you are actually convicted of Driving Under the Influence in court. After you have a conviction date on your driving record, you will see a difference in your premiums the next renewal. Here is some information about what you will need to prepare for.

Insurers cannot raise insurance premiums during the middle of the term, even if you inform your agent that you have been convicted of a DUI. The next renewal, following your conviction, you will notice a dramatic surcharge on your policy. The insurer assigns a specific number of points to a DUI conviction, and the first year following the conviction you may notice a premium increase of 70 to 95 percent. After the first year, the surcharge may go down as points drop off of your record. Surcharges can last for 36 months.

In addition to being surcharged for 3 full years following the DUI, you also must worry about losing your Good Driver and Safe Driver discounts that you have worked hard to earn. A serious misdemeanor like a DUI will eliminate your discounts, which could save you between 20 to 30 percent each year. You may also be required to pay a fee to file an SR-22 with the California DMV.

A DUI affects your San Diego car insurance premiums for years, and this is not the only financial burden you take on when you drive under the influence. While fines and penalties can vary from state to state, all insurers will collect higher premiums for high-risk drivers who have a DUI.

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