Safe Driving for Better Coverage

Cheap Auto Insurance Coverage in San Diego

Driving safely can reduce auto insurance premiums because insurance agencies want to take as little risk as possible on their policyholders. Your friends at American Tri-Star Insuranceare here to explain the additional benefits of being a safe driver.

No Points on Your Record Mean Low Rates

Many U.S. states use an accumulating point system for poor driving habits, like receiving parking tickets and moving violations. When you’re a risky driver, you’re not only increasing your likelihood of filing a claim, but you also risk losing your license altogether, which will add points to your record. As a responsible and safe driver, having no points on your driving record will keep your auto insurance rates reasonably low.

No DUIs Mean No Penalties

Receiving a DUI–or being caught under the influence of any drug—can be devastating to your driving record. In addition to accumulating higher premiums, some insurance agencies will not let you renew your current policy or will cancel an existing policy outright. When you have a record clean of DUI infractions, insurance agencies will have no reason increase your rates or penalize you further.

Safe Speeds Mean Lower Risk

Although a speeding ticket alone won’t always contribute to higher auto insurance rates, increases can be dramatic should another risk come into play. Following the rules of the road and obeying the speed limit reduces the risks of additional infractions, like running stop signs or colliding with another driver. Maintaining safe speeds demonstrates responsibility, which indicates lower risk to your insurance agency.

Having a clean driving record and history is an important factor in keeping car insurance rates low. For more information regarding safe driving habits or cheap auto insurance in San Diego, contact the reliable agents of American Tri-Star today at 619-272-2100 for a free, no-obligation quote.