4 Tips to Help Small Businesses Prepare for Disasters

Find Out What Kind of Insurance is Necessary for Your Small Business in San Diego, CA

Any business is potentially at risk for a flood, fire, or other disaster, and small businesses have the most to lose if they are not properly protected. However, Tri-Star Insurance in Chula Vista believes the right preparations can help your business continue to be successful even if a disaster does occur. Implementing these 4 strategies can help prepare your agency for any disaster that comes its way.

1. Create a Reliable Emergency Plan

The first thing your small business needs to establish is open communication between all employees about what to do in the event of a natural disaster. Install alarms or flashing lights in the building to signal the need for evacuation and ensure everyone gets out safely and quickly. Make your employees aware of all emergency escape routes and numbers to call during disasters and record them in a book or encourage everyone to memorize them. Creating plans like these ensures everyone knows where to go and who to call in the midst of great confusion.

2. Make Copies of Business Data

During natural disasters, it is not uncommon for businesses to lose everything they own, including important data and documents. Create electronic backup copies of your agency’s important data and save them in an email so they can be accessed from any computer. This level of preparation can help prevent great losses in your agency.

3. Prepare a Survival Kit

All businesses should keep survival kits in the building that include items like flashlights, a tube tent, first aid kits, whistles, and plastic sheeting. Having a survival kit on hand allows for your employees and customers to be protected and prepared if they are trapped inside the building during a disaster.

4. Purchase Commercial Insurance

The number one thing your agency needs for disaster preparation is a business insurance policy. It is important to purchase business insurance in Chula Vista that fully covers all of the damage a disaster can potentially cause to your business. Oftentimes this requires more than a general liability and property insurance policy.

To receive the most comprehensive coverage, your business may want to consider purchasing a Chula Vista umbrella insurance policy. To learn about the different types of coverage you can add to an existing commercial insurance policy and begin customizing your free quote, get in touch with American Tri-Star at 619-827-0522. One of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives would be happy to answer your questions.