April Is Distracted Driving Awareness Month: How to Stay Focused When on the Road

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Distracted driving can result in serious accidents, medical and car repair expenses, and loss of life. It only takes a moment for a major accident to occur, and even the smallest distractions can lead to catastrophic consequences. Chula Vista car insurance experts have some tips on how to steer clear of tempting distractions and stay focused while driving.

Don’t Use Your Cellphone

The cellphone is arguably the biggest distraction for today’s drivers. Most people agree texting while driving is unacceptable, but many still use their cell phones regardless. Though a hands-free earpiece or Bluetooth feature can make talking on the phone safer, you can still get too involved in your conversation and not pay enough attention to the road and other drivers around you. It is best to not use a phone in any capacity while driving.

Enter Directions into Your GPS Before Driving

GPS units can be helpful when driving, especially in unfamiliar areas. However, it can be dangerous to type in a new destination or look up an address if your car is moving. It is safer to turn on the GPS and enter information while your car is still parked. If any destination changes are required en route, your passenger should make these changes or you should pull over if driving alone.

Avoid Eating Behind the Wheel

Some busy people attempt to eat entire meals while at the wheel. Though this might save time, it steals your attention from the road and also requires at least one hand to be removed from the steering wheel. Though eating while driving is discouraged, plan ahead if you choose otherwise and bring snacks that are not messy and can be eaten quickly.

Keep Children Secure

Children can be very distracting while driving. Ensure all younger passengers are securely buckled before putting your car into drive. When driving with smaller children, consider pulling the car over if they need your attention. For rear-facing car seats, many parents prefer using a small mirror that allows them to easily monitor the child without turning around.

Even the most focused driver can still become involved in an accident. However, being covered with the right auto insurance can help take away some of the resulting stress. For affordable Chula Vista car insurance quotes, give American Tri-Star Insurance a call today at 619-827-0522. One of our friendly and knowledgeable agents would be happy to assist you.