5 Safety Tips for Decorating During the Holidays

Decorating Safely During the Holidays in San Diego, CA

For most San Diego homeowners, getting into the holiday spirit means decorating their properties to reflect the joy of the season. There is something very special about the sights, scents, and sounds of the holiday season, particularly for children, but homeowners should also realize decorating comes with a certain level of risks and hazards that are generally easy to avoid.

1. Consider Basic Fire Risks

Firefighters know the holiday season often means an increased risk of residential fires for various reasons. During the holidays there tends to be significant baking activity. In the living room and around the yard, colorful lights, aromatic candles, wall decorations, and the holiday tree could lead to hazards. To mitigate fire risks, make sure your San Diego home insurance policy is in effect and that you have adequate protection such as smoke alarms, heat sensors, sprinkler systems, and fire extinguishers.

2. Take Measures to Prevent Electrical Fires

When it comes to holiday lights, power strips work better than extension cords. At any rate, it is better to not overload outlets with more than three sets of lights connected. Modern LED lights are generally safer than the legacy incandescent versions. Placing a heat sensor near the extension cords or power strips is a good idea.

3. Avoid Flammable Decorations

Handcrafts and vintage decorations are lovely, but they are rarely resistant to fire hazards. Stores that carry modern holiday decorations label those with fire resistant or retardant properties, and many of them are very attractive. Vintage decorations should not be displayed close to holiday candles and should be kept away from the holiday lights.

4. Use a Living Holiday Tree

Holiday trees become more flammable as they start drying out, particularly coniferous species. A safer option would be a “living tree” for the holidays. Essentially, this is a fresh, potted tree meant to be replanted after the holidays. This is a nice tradition for modern San Diego families. The idea is to choose a native species that will not grow very large. Once the holidays are over, the tree can be transplanted to the yard, and it can be redecorated as an outdoor ornament the next year. The living tree does not have to be a baby cypress. A mature rosemary shrub has a nice appearance and is very aromatic.

5. Install Smart Home Automation

Smart plugs and holiday lights are part of a safety trend in 2017. These lights can be programmed to turn off automatically late at night, and some of them include wireless networking components that allow them to be controlled via a smartphone app. These smart holiday lights are ideal in situations where household members forget to turn them off before leaving home since they can be deactivated remotely via a smartphone app if the Wi-Fi network is operational.

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