Lesser-Known Things Home Insurance Sometimes Covers

Home Insurance Secrets in San Diego, CA

Home insurance can be difficult to navigate, especially for new homeowners. It can be difficult to determine what events are covered, both big and small, and you may not even be aware of some of the more obscure options. The Chula Vista auto insurance experts at American Tri-Star are also well versed in homeowners insurance and want to share a few lesser-known things sometimes covered in these policies.

Special Event Liability

Wedding and other special event venues often require you to provide proof of liability coverage. The venue owners want to ensure they are protected if an unforeseen accident occurs during your event. Many home insurance policies extend liability coverage to special events that occur off your property, and your insurance agent can help you determine the options for such extensions.

Spoiled Food

Your home insurance may help replace the food in your refrigerator if your electricity goes out for an extended time. Ordinary coverage typically applies to major appliances, including refrigerators. In some cases, the coverage can be extended to cover the contents of the fridge up to $500.

Grave Markers and Mausoleums

Your home insurance policy may also extend to a family member’s final resting place. Vandalism and damage to grave markers are often considered normal losses under these policies. In most cases, coverage is limited to $5,000.


Your Chula Vista homeowners insurance may also help replace shrubs, trees, or other decorative elements on your property if the damage is due to a covered peril. Your policy may also protect you if one of your trees falls and damages your neighbor’s house, vehicle, or personal property. Of course, you are still expected to be aware of and remediate any potentially dangerous or dead trees to be covered.

Damage Caused by Children

If your child accidently breaks your neighbor’s window while playing on your property, you may be covered. Many home insurance policies cover accidental mishaps caused by children under the age of 13. In most cases, coverage does not extend to intentional damage or accidental damage caused by adults.

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