What You Need to Know about Insuring Your RV

Important Information on Insuring your RV in San Diego, CA

When you buy your first RV and plan on registering in the beautiful state of California, you are required by law to pass an inspection and purchase liability insurance.

Buying RV or motorhome insurance in San Diego for the first time can be intimidating if you do not know what to expect. Many individuals assume that buying RV insurance is just like buying automobile insurance, and while there are similarities between the two, an RV policy is designed to cover specific risks that individuals face when owning a recreational vehicle.

Here is some of the information that you should know before contacting your San Diego insurance agent:

1. Stated Value

RV insurance policies are typically rated based on the stated value that you give your agent when you are purchasing full coverage. If you would like comprehensive and collision coverage, you will be asked what the value of your RV is at the current time. Some agencies may look up the MSRP and rate your RV based on this amount.

2. Coverage During the Winter

One feature of an RV insurance policy is that it has a winter storage endorsement, which allows you to suspend coverage when your RV is in storage for the winter months. Be sure that this option is available if you only use your RV seasonally to save on your premiums.

3. Coverage Into Mexico

If you are planning to vacation on the beaches of Mexico just hours south of San Diego, be sure that you purchase a Mexico Physical Damage Coverage endorsement. Standard policies exclude coverage into Mexico after a specified number of miles, so having this endorsement is a must.

4. Emergency Assistance

If your RV breaks down or becomes uninhabitable, towing can be very expensive. Most insurers have a special Emergency Assistance coverage option, which includes cover for towing, battery starts, roadside assistance and other transportation costs.

As you build an RV or motorhome insurance plan, it is important to choose the best possible coverage options. Take advantage of discounts, choose the appropriate limits and satisfy the California compulsory insurance laws while protecting your own interests.

RV insurance is different than auto insurance in San Diego so make sure you take the right measures to ensure your safety on the road. For more information about affordable RV insurance, don’t hesitate to contact an insurance representative at Tri-Star Insurance in San Diego. Simply dial 619-272-2100 for a free, instant quote.