The Benefits of Being a Good Driver

Why it Pays to be a Good Driver In San Diego, CA

In addition to your safety, one of the major benefits of good driving is receiving lower rates for your San Diego auto insurance.  Insurance agencies base their rates on the likelihood that a particular customer will get into an accident.  If you abide by driving laws and have a clean driving record, you are less of a liability to the agency and therefore, may qualify for discounted rates and additional perks.

Do You Qualify for a Safe Driver Discount?

To be considered a “preferred risk driver” by the insurance industry, you must have been driving long enough to establish an exemplary record, have no moving violations or tickets in the past three or more years, have excellent credit with scores higher than most of your peers, and have no vehicle-related crime convictions.

Drivers who meet the above criteria have the opportunity to save money in the form of reduced premiums.  In addition, many insurance agencies offer benefits to safe drivers even if they do get into an accident.  Safe drivers may qualify for accident forgiveness, reduced deductibles and could pay less-out-of pocket than their policy originally stated.

How to Get Lower Insurance Rates

If you have a good driving record, ask your insurance agency about some of the promotions or offers they have for safe drivers.  Some agencies also offer defensive driving courses which can increase your chance of obtaining a good driver discount by showing your insurance agency you are willing to improve your overall driving skills.

Start Saving Money Today!

For more information about affordable options for auto insurance in San Diego, contact American Tri-Star today.  We provide comprehensive auto insurance San Diego drivers trust, and our insurance experts will work with you to provide the best coverage possible at the lowest rates.

Even if you do not qualify for our safe driver discount, our experienced agents can help you find the right policy for you.  Call us at 619-272-2100 for a free quote and begin saving money on your San Diego auto insurance.