How to Get a Discount for Being a Good Driver

Ways to Get a Discount for Being a Safe Driver in San Diego, CA

San Diego is not usually mentioned as being among the metro areas with the highest rates of car insurance. However, this should not preclude you from taking advantage of section 1861.025 of the California Insurance Code, a statute more commonly known as the Good Driver Discount law. California law directs auto insurance companies to offer drivers a 20 percent discount on their policies if they meet certain criteria. To get this discount, your driving profile should meet the following conditions.

Have Sufficient Driving Experience

You can only ask for this discount if your licensed driving record can be verified for the previous three years. If you have driven outside of the United States, you may be able to provide evidence of driving experience for at least 18 months. Nonetheless, you must have been a safe driver in the U.S. or Canada for at least 18 months. Since insurance companies and licensing agencies in the U.S. and Canada share driving records, you do not have to worry about providing documentation. If you were licensed to drive in other countries, your insurance agent may ask for translated and authenticated documents.

Don’t Have Points on Your License

There should be no more than one point recorded against your driving record over the last three years. In the Golden State, the Department of Motor Vehicles follows Title 10§2632.13 of the California Code of Regulations regarding traffic infractions. Some moving violations and accidents merit the recording of a point against you.

It is important to note that California observes a doctrine of drivers being “mainly at fault” in some accident situations even when there is a high degree of happenstance. For example, a car suddenly slams the brakes while traveling down the freeway and causes you to rear-end. You may be given a ticket for following too closely even though the car in front of you dangerously attempted to come to a sudden stop.

Avoid Felony Convictions

You cannot have a DUI conviction over the last 10 years in California or in any other jurisdiction, and this includes driving under the influence of newly legalized substances. In addition to DUI, you will not be granted a good driver discount if you have been convicted of vehicular felony offenses such as reckless driving incidents that caused damage or injury.

Look into Insurance Company Programs

When you apply for car insurance in National City, your agent may explain other discount opportunities that apply to your profile. Unlike the statutory provisions, these discounts may be offered internally by the insurance company to reward clean driving records after five years without getting tickets or being involved in road traffic accidents.

Taking defensive driving courses can also boost your chances of being offered a nice premium discount. Likewise, buying additional coverage such as minor accident and ticket forgiveness may prompt insurers to give you a break on your next policy. Get National City car insurance quotes today to see what you might be eligible for.

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