Understanding General Auto Insurance Terms

An Explanation of Auto Insurance Terms in San Diego, CA

Carrying proper insurance coverage while operating a motor vehicle demonstrates responsibility on the part of the driver and is required by law in the state of California. Because auto insurance is not optional, it is important to find the most affordable auto insurance in San Diego. Budget conscious drivers who become familiar with general auto insurance terms will be able to enjoy the most comprehensive coverage at the lowest prices.

Types of Auto Insurance

Liability insurance covers the cost of personal injury and property damage sustained by others involved in an accident you cause. It is mandatory in California, with minimum coverage amounts designated as 15/30/5. These numbers represent the minimum amount of coverage in thousands of dollars for personal injury coverage per person, per accident, and property damage per accident, respectively.

Collision insurance

is not required by law in California, but financial institutions will insist you carry this protection if you are borrowing money to purchase your vehicle. Collision insurance covers the cost of repair to your car or personal property when the damage sustained is caused by you. Comprehensive insurance will also cover repair costs for damage caused by an unidentified driver or by an act of nature, such as a falling tree limb.

Some drivers may choose to include personal injury protection – usually abbreviated as PIP – and uninsured motorist protection as a part of their insurance package. Vehicle owners are well advised to check out the rates for these types of coverage when they are added to the mandatory liability insurance plan.

Getting the Best Rates

Auto insurance discounts may be offered if you are a good driver with little or no accident history, drive a vehicle that is considered safe by the insurance industry, or if you combine your auto insurance with your homeowner’s or property insurance. In addition, the term ‘safe driver discount’ should be looked for when shopping online for insurance or when discussing coverage with your agent. Safe driver discounts are often given to those who drive less than 20,000 per year, have not filed a claim in the past one or two years, or who operate a vehicle that is equipped with modern safety devices. These include a full set of airbags, rearview camera, traction control, anti-theft system, and driver alert sensors.

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