6 Free Apps Business Owners Should Download

Free Apps Every Business Owners Should Download in San Diego, CA

After getting adequate funding, solid commercial insurance in National City, and great employees, business owners should focus on using the right tools to manage agency operations. Fortunately, the mobile revolution means having access to a cornucopia of business and productivity apps for your smartphone or tablet. Here are six free apps to help you run your business more efficiently.

1. SignNow

There is no shortage of document tracking and signing solutions on the various mobile app marketplaces, but SignNow is a favorite among Fortune 500 agencies and even NBA players who sign multimillion dollar contracts. The advantage of SignNow is that the document signing process is handled in a manner that does not require you to convince others to install the app. SignNow encrypts documents and offers some offline functionality.

2. Google Keep

If you use the Chrome browser on a desktop and an Android device on the go, this is the only note taking and list management app you should use. Compared to competing apps such as Evernote, Google Keep is more versatile and offers advanced features like location-based reminders, which can automatically pull up the information you have prepared for a meeting when you physically arrive at the arranged location.

3. Buffer

The social media presence of your business is intrinsic to its success. To this effect, you need access to a solution that will streamline your activity, analyze your engagement, and automate the process of posting new updates. Buffer is a web-based social media suite that actually works better as a mobile app, and it provides insightful analytics.

4. Coffitivity

This simple app can work wonders in terms of boosting your productivity when sitting at your desk. Coffitivity was developed by entrepreneurs and freelancers who feel their time spent at Starbucks was crucial to their success. The idea is to recreate the aural environment of coffee shops for the purpose of guiding concentration and boosting productivity. You can choose from interesting ambient noises such as a campus cafeteria, a Parisian cafe, a Brazilian bistro at lunchtime, and many more. Coffitivity also works in offline mode.

5. Send Anywhere

The last thing you want to encounter when you are on the road is to learn your email service will not let you send a large attachment. To prevent this frustration, you should install Send Anywhere on your smartphone or tablet. With just a six-digit security key, your business associates can access large files that you cannot send via email. In the case of MP3 files and voice recordings, your contacts can simply stream the content.

6. Wave

If you feel QuickBooks is too complicated for your small agency, you are not alone. Wave is a simple bookkeeping and financial management app that will get the approval of your accountant. If you wish to track income and expenses while preparing your payroll and getting ready for tax season, the Wave app is for you.

Apps can be a wonderful help for businesses in the modern age. To learn more about useful business-related apps, or to find out about the types of commercial insurance you need, get in touch with American Tri-Star. In addition to reliable commercial insurance, we also offer health, homeowners, and car insurance in National City. Call 619-474-3900 today to speak with one of our friendly representatives and receive a free quote.