Preparing for Floods During San Diego’s Rainy Season

Flooded Home Help in San Diego, CA

The rainy season in San Diego is here, which means you need to make sure you’re ready to withstand the weather, both at home and when on the road. The staff at American Tri-Star Vista suggests using this flood preparation checklist to help you and your property remain secure if bad weather hits.

Waterproof Your Essential Documents

If you must leave your home during a flood, carry your important documents with you. Make sure to place your identification papers along with other essentials, such as your Vista home insurance policy, into a waterproof container. Ideally, the container should be portable and easy to place in your car during an evacuation. Scanning your documents and storing them online is another way to ensure you can obtain the documents you need if you’re away from home in the midst of a flood.

Update Your Household Inventory

Throughout the year, your home’s inventory changes as you make new purchases or replace outdated items. Spend a few minutes walking through your home to identify anything that may need to be added to your inventory records. Take pictures of new items and write down identification numbers for expensive devices like laptops.

Elevate Your Valuables

Fortunately, floodwaters in San Diego do not typically rise to the roof, which means storing your valuables up high can go a long way toward protecting them. Utilize your higher shelves and attic space to store anything that could be damaged by water. Make sure to keep your belongings on high shelves or consider moving them to a higher floor.

Check Your Sump Pump

During minor flooding, you can do a lot to protect your home by using a sump pump to get the water away from your property. Make sure your pump is working properly before the rainy season hits, then procure a backup energy source, such as batteries or a generator, to make sure you can keep it going during an electrical outage.

Know Where the Flood Zones Are

In San Diego, there are certain areas known for being the first to have washed out roads. Identify these areas, and avoid them if you must drive during heavy rains. This tip is especially critical if you must evacuate quickly because hitting a flood zone will require you to reroute.

Most home insurance policies do not cover floods. Find out what additional coverage you might need for this type of incident by getting in touch with American Tri-Star. We are a leading provider of homeowners, commercial, auto, motorcycle, and motorhome insurance in Vista. Call 760-758-1600 today to speak with a knowledgeable agent and receive a free quote.