Flammable Liquids Commonly Found in the Home

Flammable Liquids in San Diego, CA

According to the National Fire Protection Association, flammable liquids are the cause of more than 43,000 home fires each year. However, these items typically pose no threat if used and stored properly. Chula Vista homeowners insurance experts have put together a list of some of the most common flammable household liquids with tips on how to use and store them with safety in mind.


You probably use a propane canister for your grill. These canisters contain highly pressurized and flammable liquefied gases and can be extremely dangerous to store inside your home or garage. Be sure to store your propane outside and always make sure its valve is tightly closed. In case of a leak, smoking near these canisters should be avoided as well.

Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is a disinfectant often found in the bathroom, and it is highly flammable. You should store this product underneath the sink or in a medicine cabinet and avoid leaving it near burning candles.


An aerosol canister is another product commonly found in bathrooms, and most of them contain highly pressurized and flammable liquids. Spraying these canisters near an open flame can have explosive results, and you should avoid lighting a candle while doing your hair in the morning for this reason. Along with rubbing alcohol, store your aerosol canisters under the sink or in a cabinet.

Paint Thinner

Used to strip paint off many different surfaces, paint thinner is a useful product you likely keep in your garage. Despite its usefulness, it can cause dizziness or more severe health hazards over time. Make sure the space you store your paint thinner in is cool enough because this flammable product’s flash point is only 105° Fahrenheit.

Lighter Fluid

Pocket lighters and lighter fluid appear in the kitchens of many homes, often used when a pilot light goes out or for the family barbecue. However, these products are best left in a drawer away from the open flame of the stovetop. Avoid leaving your lighter fluid in direct sunlight or outside by the grill because it could heat the contents enough to start a flame.

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