Tips for First Time Motorhome Drivers

Motorhome Drivers Insurance San Diego

After you take the time to learn some relatively simple skills, driving a recreational vehicle is not difficult. However, drivers who do not properly prepare or take the time to become familiar with their RV could put themselves and other drivers into dangerous situations. Here are some basic steps to take before taking your family or friends out on your first RV road trip from San Diego.

1. Obtain the correct license

In many states, driving an RV will require a specialized license requiring extra knowledge or skills when compared with a basic driver’s license. Preparing for the written or behind-the-wheel test will help you familiarize yourself with basic rules of the road and unique driving situations faced by large vehicles. Look for a reputable commercial vehicle school in your area that specializes in training for RV drivers.

2. Find affordable insurance

Your regular San Diego car insurance won’t cover your new RV or motorhome, so it’s important to find affordable insurance policies designed specifically for RV drivers. Compare and contrast quotes from local and reliable auto insurance agencies and ask about additional savings if you bundle your auto and RV insurance together.

3. Practice around town first

Before taking a new recreational vehicle on an extended road trip, get familiar with the new RV’s height, weight and length by driving on roads you are familiar with. When driving on your home turf, you are much less likely to run into sudden surprises, like freeway interchanges with unclear directions. Put some miles in navigating both open highways and public streets.

4. Know your RV’s height

It is important to memorize your RV’s exact height at its peak point. Tall vehicles must sometimes take alternate routes to avoid low-hanging bridges and the like. To aid in planning a route, GPS devices and smartphone apps specialized for recreational vehicle drivers or truckers will alert you to height obstacles ahead.

5. Install rearview cameras

Gone are the days where driving a large vehicle meant having many blind spots. Today’s rearview camera systems for RVs offer a wide field of view of traffic to the sides and behind the vehicle, making highway driving and maneuvering in tight spaces much safer and easier. Nearly all brand-new RVs are fitted with such systems, but retrofitting or upgrading an older vehicle is worth the modest cost.

For more information about driving your RV or to get a quote for affordable San Diego RV insurance, reach out to American Tri-Star today. We offer comprehensive RV or motorhome insurance and may even be able to offer you additional discounts should you bundle some of your other insurance policies! Call us at  619-272-2100 and see how our experienced agents can assist you.