Using Firewood at Home: 4 Important Tips

Tips for Using Firewood At Home in San Diego, CA

When San Diego residents turn the pages on their calendar to welcome December, they know they will become the envy of most of the country in terms of climate. Temperatures in San Diego drop slightly as the days become crisper and the nights turn cooler, which means conditions are perfect to light up the fireplace, use an outdoor summer kitchen, or relax around the fire pit.

Up until the late 19th century, American households burned considerable amounts of firewood. This later changed as furnaces and stoves switched to other energy sources such as fossil fuels and electricity. For modern San Diego homes, burning firewood is more of a leisure activity during the cooler months of the year, but it must be conducted with certain considerations in mind.

Check Your Home Insurance Policy to See If You’re Covered

Burning firewood at home conveys an additional risk. If you have a fireplace, a summer kitchen or a fire pit, your homeowners insurance policy likely reflects this risk. However, if you recently added one or more of these features as home improvements, your Chula Vista homeowners insurance agency should be notified, particularly if you intend to use firewood. This does not mean your premium payments will automatically increase. If you use a sprinkler system, fire extinguishers, or a safe woodshed, these safety factors should be reflected on your policy.

Choose Your Firewood Species

Engineered firewood made from recycled byproducts tends to be affordable, practical, and highly flammable. If you are looking for ambiance, comfort, and warmth, focus on natural species such as oak and hickory, which tend to be more expensive. In San Diego, you may be better off burning coniferous species such as pine and spruce, which are widely found across the West Coast. You may have to pay more attention to your cleaning since these lighter species tend to burn quickly and ash heavily.

Store Your Firewood Properly

Avoid storing firewood inside your house for a couple of reasons. Firewood should not be stacked near a stove, hearth, or fire pit due to the risk of sparks flying onto the piles. Wood also tends to attract insects, although this is not so much the case with engineered firewood. Climate conditions in San Diego allow for the outdoor storage of firewood at least 10 feet away, ideally covered.

Take Safety Measures

Refrain from burning green or extremely moist firewood, and stick to organic fire starting or kindling solutions. You should never add fuel to the fire. Make sure to keep curtains, magazines, books, and clothes far away from the fire. You do not need smoldering fireplaces to keep warm in San Diego. As long as the flames burn constantly, your home should warm up accordingly.

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