3 Common Questions About Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance San Diego

Getting a new car can be an exciting time, but understanding all of your insurance options may be overwhelming. To help ensure you’re able to find and purchase the best auto insurance policy for your needs, American Tristar Insurance in San Diego has compiled some of most common questions their clients ask. Read on for answers to three auto insurance questions.

1. Does my driving record change my insurance costs?

Your driving record does affect your auto insurance premiums. Moving violations, like speeding, DUIs, and accidents, will usually lead to a hike in your insurance costs. Parking violations, however, are not put on your driving record, so they do not affect your insurance. The bottom line is that if you are considered a high-risk driver due to a history of moving violations, you will be subject to higher insurance rates because you are more likely to file a claim than someone with a clean driving record. On the flip side, a stellar driving record can mean that you will likely find low insurance rates.

2. How do I know if I’m getting the best price available?

There are a lot of
San Diego auto insurance
options, so it’s understandable that you’re worried about missing out on the best deal. A good rule of thumb when looking at car insurance is to get quotes from at least three to five different insurance providers and compare their costs and services. While many people don’t realize it, some insurance providers also offer roadside assistance and towing in addition to normal insurance coverage.

3. How can I save money on my insurance?

While it’s not always possible, there are frequently ways to save on your car insurance. Depending on your age, sex, education, and other factors, certain insurance providers offer some discounts. To make sure that you’re getting the best rate from your insurance provider, be sure to ask your agency what discounts they have available. As some discounts are tied to academic success, for young drivers, bringing a copy of an official transcript to your insurance office can help you get a discount. You can also usually save money by bundling your auto insurance with homeowners, renters, or health insurance in San Diego.

If you’re looking for an affordable auto insurance provider in San Diego, reach out to Tristar Insurance. For more information about our car insurance rates, call (619) 325-0326 and speak with one of our insurance experts. We’re here to help and can find you low car insurance rates or insurance bundling options. We look forward to hearing from you.