5 Essential Items for Your Motorhome’s Emergency Kit

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Regardless of the number of trips they take each year, RV enthusiasts should always have a well-stocked emergency kit. Though your kit will likely contain many items, San Diego RV insurance experts discuss 5 you need to purchase first.

1. Traction Aid

Recreational vehicles can be extremely tough to move when you’re stuck in thick snow. Though you won’t have to worry about this type of weather while using your RV in San Diego, always keep kitty litter, salt, or a similar material in your kit in case you pass through an unexpected snowstorm while on vacation. Three pounds of kitty litter should be sufficient.

2. High Visibility Vest

If you’re stranded in a location with low visibility or during evening hours, vehicles driving by will have a difficult time spotting you. A high-visibility vest made with reflective material will help you stand out, especially when headlights are pointed directly at you.

3. Jumper Cables

Not just any type of jumper cables will be adequate. You’ll need heavy gauge cables that can handle the electrical force from large batteries specifically designed for RVs. These will come in especially handy if you’re able to flag down a truck driver who doesn’t have cables on hand.

4. Signal Flares

RVs are nearly as large as big rigs. When you’re stranded, you’ll have to think like a truck driver. Flares are popular among both truck drivers and RV enthusiasts because they warn approaching vehicles of your presence. Flares normally aren’t included with emergency kits for small cars, but are essential for larger vehicles.

5. Air Pump

Air pumps can be lifesavers if you blow out a tire in the middle of nowhere and help is hours away. Invest in a heavy-duty unit that can pump air quickly into large grade motorhome tires but isn’t too big to fit comfortably with your luggage.

Just as important as the items in your emergency kit is a reliable RV insurance policy. Contact American Tri-Star to learn about the RV policies we offer. In addition to motorhome insurance, we also offer the motorcycle and car insurance San Diego drivers trust. Give us a call today at 619-272-2100 for a free quote.