Tips to Help Keep Employee Drivers Safe

Safety Driving Tips in San Diego, CA

Many businesses have employees who need to drive agency vehicles to get their jobs done. You can’t ride alongside your employees every day, but there are steps you can take to help keep them safe on the road. The insurance experts at Tri-Star Insurance Vista have a few suggestions.

Provide Education and Training Programs

Education is perhaps the best way to start your employees down a safer path. Your employees likely have driver’s licenses and know how to drive before they come to you, but continuing education and reminders never hurt. Teach your employees safe driving skills and have monthly meetings where you discuss driving safety topics and reminders.

Training programs should go beyond the classroom and put employees behind the wheel. Consider a mentorship program where your safest drivers ride along with new employees and give them tips and pointers. This may be especially helpful if your agency has large trucks and other vehicles that have a learning curve.

Install Hands-Free Equipment

Putting the proper equipment in agency vehicles can also help. Make sure each agency vehicle is equipped with Bluetooth GPS units and other hands-free devices. If using a cellphone to keep in touch with headquarters is important, make sure the agency vehicles allow employees to do so safely. Keep your vehicles well maintained and keep hands-free equipment in good repair. It is also possible to purchase plug-in modules that monitor vehicle speeds and other safety data. Check with a trusted Vista business insurance agency to see if using this type of equipment leads to discounts on your policy.

Implement a No Tolerance Policy for Drug and Alcohol Use

You can also keep employees safe by taking the use of drugs and alcohol seriously. Create a strict agency policy outlining the use of these substances on the job and especially when driving. Enforce this policy swiftly and universally whenever needed.

Offer Incentive

While punishments for those who break the rules can be effective, rewarding those who follow them may work just as well. Praise and reward the employees who maintain safe driving records. Perks and prizes can be great motivators for some employees.

American Tri-Star insurance believes driving safely is important both on and off the clock. In addition to business insurance, we also offer affordable auto insurance. For free Vista auto insurance quotes, give us a call at 760-758-1600. We hope to hear from you soon.