Are Electronics Covered by Homeowner’s Insurance?

Electronics and Homeowners Insurance San Diego

A standard San Diego homeowner’s insurance policy protects the structure of your home in the case of a natural disaster as well as belongings such as your furniture and clothing, but what about your electronics?

Standard Policy Coverage

Electronics are generally not covered by a standard homeowner’s policy unless the policy specifically states there is coverage for electronic devices or if those devices fall under coverage for certain events.  For example, a policy might cover electronics if they are damaged as the result of a covered peril such as a fire, accidental water damage, or a power surge caused by lightening. More often than not, specific types of electronics that do not continuously remain in the home, such as a laptop or tablet, will be excluded from coverage.

Protecting Your Electronics

Although a standard homeowner’s policy doesn’t cover electronic devices, you can purchase an additional policy for a special perils event. This type of insurance will cover a wider range of events including acts of negligence like throwing a music player through a wall.

It is, however, important to read the fine print of your policy or to discuss your policy with your insurance agent if you have any questions. What’s covered by a standard homeowner’s insurance policy varies by state. In the state of California, earthquake insurance is generally not covered unless additional earthquake insurance is purchased. Therefore, if electronics were damaged or lost in the case of an earthquake, the devices would not be covered by a standard policy and would only be protected if the homeowner had purchased additional earthquake insurance.

Other Options for Protection

Insurance plans are not the only options for protecting your electronics. Most electronics manufacturers and retailers that sell electronics offer different types of extended or additional warranty policies that cover a wide range of perils and damage types.

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