Electrical Safety Tips for the Home

Electrical Tips for Homeowners in San Diego, CA

According to the National Fire Protection Association, home electrical fires caused 455 deaths and cost $1.5 billion in property damage from 2007 to 2011. Many of these incidents could have been prevented if proper safety measures had been taken. The staff at American Tri-Star in National City has a few safety tips to help protect your home and family from an electrical catastrophe.

Learn the Signs of an Electrical Problem

Be aware of issues with the electricity in your home so you can have the problem fixed before a fire occurs. For example, a breaker that trips immediately after resetting is often a sign of a serious electrical problem, and continually resetting the breaker can cause a fire. Periodically check your electrical panel. It should never feel hot when you place your palm on it.

Keep Electrical Cords and Equipment in Good Repair

Check the cords in your home on a regular basis to make sure they aren’t split, frayed, broken, or otherwise damaged. These worn spots can cause sparks, shocks, and fires. Immediately replace any damaged cords and unplug any appliances that don’t work properly (for example, a toaster that shoots sparks).

Consider Tamper-Resistant Receptacles

If you have children, these special electrical outlets can be especially useful. They work exactly like regular receptacles, but feature integrated safety shutters that prevent the insertion of foreign objects. Required for all newly renovated or constructed homes since 2008, tamper-resistant outlets help reduce the risk of children being shocked by curiously sticking something into the outlet.

Know How to Stop an Electrical Fire

Despite your best efforts, an electrical fire can still occur. If this does happen, ideally you will be available to stop it before it causes a great deal of damage. Though your first instinct may be to throw water on the fire, this can cause the blaze to spread and grow. Instead, keep a fire extinguisher on hand and learn how to use it properly. Having a fire extinguisher in your home can also help you save on property insurance in National City.

In most cases, a home insurance policy will cover loss or damages resulting from a fire. For a free quote on homeowners insurance or cheap auto insurance in National City, give the insurance experts at American Tri-Star a call at 619-474-3900. We hope to hear from you soon.