Tips to Help You Save on Gas and Help the Environment

Save Gas to Help the Enviroment in San Diego, CA

Though most of us need regular transportation from point A to point B, it’s important to consider the effects driving has on the environment. According to National Geographic, the bulk of a vehicle’s impact is due to fuel consumption and emission of air pollution. The insurance experts at Tri-Star Insurance Vista have a few tips to help you become a more eco-friendly driver and minimize your carbon footprint.

Be Diligent with Vehicle Maintenance

Properly functioning automobiles are more fuel efficient, so it is important any issues are identified and addressed as quickly as possible. Regular oil and filter changes as well as seasonal checks and tune-ups keep the engine clean and running optimally. Keep your tires aligned and gauge the air pressure often. Low pressure will not only shorten the life of your tires, but the increased resistance forces even well-maintained engines to work harder.

Shorten Your Trips

While carpooling is an excellent way to help the environment, a little bit of planning can also reduce mileage when running errands. Prioritizing your stops and mapping routes efficiently saves gas and time. Avoid busy hours of the day when possible and monitor traffic reports for crowded roads or accidents.

Cultivate Good Driving Habits

Driving with caution not only keeps you safe, it also conserves fuel. Vehicles have to overcome more wind resistance at higher speeds, so always drive at or below the posted speed limit. Needless accelerations waste gas, lead to more wear on the brakes, and are often considered aggressive. Being a considerate driver is one of the best ways to encourage others to also drive with patience and conserve fuel.

Vista cheap auto insurance experts have many other suggestions for using less fuel and helping the environment. Here are just a few:

  • Use the correct fuel grade for your vehicle
  • Turn off the engine instead of letting it idle for long periods
  • Avoid running the air conditioning for short trips or when the weather is pleasant
  • Use a sun reflector to help reduce heat buildup in parked vehicles
  • Keep the interior and trunk clean and store unnecessary items elsewhere to decrease your vehicle’s weight

To learn more about adopting eco-friendly driving habits, get in touch with American Tri-Star at 760-758-1600. One of our knowledgeable agents can assist you with this and provide a free quote on affordable auto, RV, and motorcycle insurance in Vista. We hope to hear from you soon.