Simple Car Maintenance Any Driver Can Handle

Simple Car Maintanance in San Diego, CA

Modern vehicles are so packed with technology that many drivers feel intimidated and would rather not work on them. However, there are still quite a few minor maintenance procedures almost anyone can do. The insurance experts at American Tri-Star San Diego have a few easy maintenance tips to help you take care of your car.

Fluid Check

Even if you don’t know how to change your fluids, you shouldn’t have to pay anyone to check their levels because it’s easy to learn. In today’s vehicles, wiper fluid and coolant levels can usually be seen through their clear plastic reservoirs. These tanks have indicators showing where the levels should be. Engine oil, transmission fluid, and power steering fluid are checked with dipsticks. You can find their locations in your owner’s manual.

Battery Maintenance

These days, car batteries don’t require as much maintenance as they once did. You probably won’t have to add water or electrolytes to yours because many of them are now sealed. However, they can still leak and accumulate corrosion at their terminals. Purchase a battery brush to clean the posts and cables, and replace leaking batteries before acid leaks onto other important components.

Belt and Hose Inspection

Belts are usually easy to spot, especially if they drive multiple components. Your owner’s manual can tell you when your serpentine belt needs to be replaced, but you should also inspect it frequently for cracks and chafing. Old hoses can leak, and so can newer ones if they’re coming loose. Feel them with your hands and have them replaced if they’re weak or spongy, and check the hose clamps to make sure they’re tight and not slipping off.

Wiper Blade Examination

Torn or excessively worn wiper blades can make it dangerous to drive in the rain, and they’re also a safety inspection item in most states. Check them from end to end to make sure they’re not torn, and operate them to ensure they’re wiping evenly. Replacing the blades is arguably the easiest maintenance you can do on your car.

Engine Air Filter Replacement

Most air filters are easy to locate, especially if you have your owner’s manual. Open the compartment to check the filter’s condition, and replace it if it’s excessively dirty. The filter’s job is to keep contaminants from getting sucked into your engine, so be sure to clean out its compartment before reinstalling it.

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