The Consequences of Driving while Under the Influence

The Consequences of Drunk Driving In San Diego, CA

Alcohol impaired driving is a serious problem that tragically effects thousands of victims each year.  The most obvious dangers of drunk driving include an increased risk for car accidents and highway injuries.  It is estimated that 40 percent of all individuals in the United States will be involved in an alcohol related traffic accident or collision at some point in their lives.  However, from court appointed treatment classes to increased rates from your San Diego auto insurance agency, there are other major consequences drivers are forced to cope with if found driving under the influence (DUI).

To combat the high number of accidents and deaths as a result of drunk driving, states are beginning to impose more severe penalties for individuals driving under the influence.  By increasing jail time and impounding vehicles, drivers are given more reasons to think twice before driving intoxicated.  In addition, many individuals who are convicted of a DUI face expensive fines, court costs, and attorney fees which can sometimes take years to pay off.

Other repercussions include a suspended or revoked license and possible termination from your current work or job.  Factors that determine the length of suspension from driving include the age of the driver, individual state laws and if the driver has had a prior DUI.  Employers also have the right to terminate an employee for any DUI incident, as long as termination is not discriminatory, nor does it violate the conditions of an existing employment contract.

In addition to the above penalties, many drivers experience costly increases in their auto insurance, with premiums sometimes doubling.  Some car insurance policies are written to protect the insurance agency and if you are found guilty and convicted of a DUI, your policy will automatically be canceled.  At American TriStar, we believe in second chances and offer low cost insurance for suspended driver licenses, traffic violations and tickets.

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