Smartphone Apps That Help You Track Mileage, Gas Use, and More

Track Your Mileage APP in San Diego, CA

Driving can be frustrating even if you’re a conservative motorist who takes no chances, but certain apps have been designed to help you stay safer on the road and save money at the same time. Today’s high-tech apps can transform even the clunkiest junker into a smart car by logging information and providing detailed reports. Here are a few apps worth looking at for tracking your driving, brought to you by the San Diego auto insurance experts at American Tri-Star.


The granddaddy of driving tracker apps is Waze, a critical part of Google Maps and its traffic-reporting capabilities. Waze won the Best Overall Mobile App award at the 2013 Mobile World Congress. Aside from its ability to provide reports, user-submitted travel times, route details, and turn-by-turn directions, Waze can closely document your driving habits in real time.


One of the most popular GPS-based apps making the rounds, TripLog is a must for drivers who need to keep a close eye on mileage, movements, and travel-related expenses. It is simple to use and hooks in nicely with QuickBooks and Concur if needed.


Like most mileage tracking apps, MileIQ helps you keep tabs on where you’ve been and gives you tips on how to go farther for less. Unlike most apps, MileIQ will tabulate the IRS tax deductions you’re eligible for based on miles driven, and you can also document mileage expenses for your employer.


If you feel like splurging on the hardware, Automatic is pretty much the best mileage tracking app around. The main selling point is its ability to reduce gas consumption by carefully picking apart every aspect of your driving behavior, and many drivers will appreciate that it helps identify the exact cause of the Check Engine light if it comes on.


Dash uses your OBDII port to deliver a wealth of information about driving habits and performance. Besides recommendations on how to save gas, repairs, and maintenance, Dash will tell you specifically where the cheapest fuel can be found and much more.

Though these apps can help you save money in many ways, it’s unlikely they’ll help you find the cheap auto insurance San Diego drivers prefer. For that you can simply call American Tri-Star at 619-272-2100. One of our knowledgeable and friendly agents would be happy to assist you and provide a free quote. We hope to hear from you soon.