Four Tips for Driving with Pets

Drive Safely with your Furry Friends

Driving with pets? American Tri-Star Insurance San Diego can provide some helpful tips to keep everyone safe on the road.

1. Pet Accessories and Restraints

The first thing you need to consider before driving with pets is buying a safety restraint. It’s both distracting and dangerous for animals to wander your vehicle unrestrained and could result in serious injury to both you and your pet should you get into an accident. Some suitable safety options include: seat belt harnesses, car seats (for smaller animals), pet gates and dividers, and crates or portable carriers.

2. Emotional Preparation

Some pets experience higher anxiety than others while traveling. If your animal isn’t used to traveling or is easily unnerved by car trips, you should prepare your furry friend ahead of time. Reduce anxiety and stress by practicing with short car rides before you take them on an extended trip. This may ease your pet’s nerves and allow you to focus on driving.

3. Seating Arrangements

Always travel with pets in the backseat. Just as with small children, the backseat is the safest place for your animal to sit. It also ensures you won’t be distracted by your pet sitting beside you, which means you can concentrate on the long drive ahead of you. Never allow pets to sit on your lap while driving as it can limit your control, distract you, and cause serious harm to you and your animal in the event of an accident.

4. Truck Beds and Trunks

Never transport pets in the bed of a pickup truck or in your trunk. More than 100,000 pets die each year because pet owners don’t heed this warning. Even if you think your animal isproperly restrained, there are too many risks involved. Pets could be harmed by debris, injured by the restraint or cage, and even experience heatstroke. If you bring your furry friend along, you must put them inside the vehicle.

Before any excursion or road trip, be sure you have the proper insurance coverage. If you have questions about your car insurance policy, or if you are looking to purchase cheap auto insurance in San Diego, contact our informative and friendly agents at American Tri-Star Insurance today at 619-272-2100 for a no-obligation quote.